Once upon a time…

Nate P. Hall started The Enchanted Floorist LLC. Call me at : 414-403-3220

I’ve been installing flooring for over three and half decades, starting with green shag carpet in the seventies.  Back in those days we turned and hand-tacked the carpet to the floor and all seams were hand sewn. Now I use the latest in seaming technology: radio-wave seamer and thermoplastic seam tape for carpet. We also used to glue or nail all floors down, but now we stick the wood, laminate, or even vinyl pieces to each other and create a floating floor.

I’ve been fortunate to have plenty of educational opportunities since I started installing flooring and I’ve taken full advantage of them. I now have multiple certifications from NFIC (Natural Fiber Installer Certification) , Karastan, Armstrong, and CFI (International Certified Floor Covering Installers). I’m not just saying I’m good at this I have credentials to show I’ve proven it. I also won the coveted Charles R.Gress award from CFI in 2011 for unselfish contributions in promoting quality floor covering installations.

The Enchanted Floorist brings to you and your floors a combination of over thirty-five years of experience and ongoing technical education. When I say “I can work magic on your floors,” I’m simply referring to this unique combination. If you need existing flooring repaired, I can handle that too.  Whether it’s carpet, vinyl, or wood/laminate, a professional repair is just a phone call away. I will explain all the options to you and let you decide how I can best achieve the result you have in mind.

I have forged connections with flooring manufacturers over the years. My ability to direct purchase will get you a great deal on the material of your choice. I will speak your language without the techno-speak of other salespeople and will help you select very best flooring for your application.  Plus I will apply my technical expertise to your project, giving you peace of mind that you are getting the very best flooring and installation.



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