The cheap comes out expensive

Cheap flooring will always end up costing you more money! Oh, how can this be? The time factor of the flooring estimate has been neglected or removed entirely. How long is the floor expected to last? a basic cheap floor (costing $1-$2 per foot) will last 1 to 3 years depending on use and tolerance of a crummy looking floor. During the life of the cheap floor the price goes up and the cheap floor you need, to replace the first cheap floor, costs more. In addition you have to pay someone to tear up the first cheap floor and install the next cheap floor. 2 years later you are at it again. This way you spend $6 per foot to get 3 floors that last a total of 6 years. OR One could spend $5 per foot and get a 10 year floor. That’s how the cheap comes out expensive.

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